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How does it work?

Starts with free painless blood-sample collection from your home or office.

You can opt for a discounted diet-chart from our top nutritionists.

Lifetime unlimited access to a health page where you can store all your reports, prescriptions etc.

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The Jubination Advantage

Trusted Expertise

A network of the very best hospitals, labs, doctors, nutritioninst, etc.

Best Experience

Be it our technology or our relationship managers, we are built around 'you’.


With increasing volumes, we are making health and wellness affordable to all.

Anywhere in India

We currently offer services in most cities of India and are working on increasing coverage.

Customized for you

From population-based to personalisation, the 2.0 of health and wellness

Reward Based

We work with you to reach your health-goals and reward you too, when you achieve them.


  • We ensure quality at various levels. Every partner is screened at multiple levels. And we only work with medical facilities which have all necessary accreditations - often both NABL and CAP in case of labs.
  • Every doctor, nutritionists, etc. onboard are senior professionals with a sound track record & are carefully curated.
  • Every time you buy from Jubination, the top thing you should be assured of is 100% quality.
  • A big yes. 365 days a year, including holidays. For a lot of our programs, we assign you a dedicated health manager who offers you resolutions to your unlimited number of queries. Treat that as a priority pass.
  • If you are from one of our top 50 cities, we’ve got you entirely covered. We are also continuously working on increasing coverage.
  • If it's an online program, there's no geographical barrier at all. Wherever you may be, Jubination walks the extra-mile to deliver the very best to you.
  • Online payments are compliant with all prevailing laws and 100% safe.
  • On top of that, we also provide a money-back assurance if anything does not live up to the set quality standards.
  • We give you a dashboard which is lifetime-free and allows you to digitize and store all your health-records. Move over paper-bills and hassles - Jubination My-page is the intelligent super-storage space that you always wanted
To avail this package Register below